Pre-Sale House Painting

A fresh coat of paint is often cited as the cheapest and easiest way to significantly improve the sale price of your property.

Not only is pre-sale painting an excellent way to spruce up the old, but it’s also the best time to fix any minor cosmetic issues that could raise alarm bells in the minds of buyers.

With over 45 years of experience in painting residential and commercial properties throughout South-East Queensland, we know exactly what buyers want and you, as a seller, need. From conducting an initial colour consultation to repairing, sanding and finishing the interior and exterior of your home, we offer the complete property pre-sale painting service to make the process simple and efficient.

In combination with our sister company, Rochele Decorating, we can also provide advice and/or a full interior decorating service to maximise the appeal and sale of your property.

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What areas would you like us to paint?

See the areas below which are most commonly attended to when we do a rental refresh or a pre-sale painting project.

Why Choose Rochele

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Why choose us for property pre-sale painting?

  • We quote within 24 hours and can start jobs at short notice
  • Offer a complete repair, repaint and decorating service to seamlessly improve the value of your property
  • Fast and efficient turnaround by our qualified tradespeople that don’t cut corners
  • Our trustworthy tradespeople will treat your house like the home it is to minimise damage and keep the place functioning
  • We’re licensed and insured for your peace of mind ($20 million public liability, work cover and QBCC 51821)

View Our Pre-Sale Projects

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Invest in pre-sale house painting

At Rochele Painting we get numerous requests from customers to have their house painted prior to selling. Many people think they need to spend enormous amounts of money renovating before they sell. However, in the current market over-capitalising can often occur when a seller spends too much money on building works in a gamble to achieve a better sale price. In the current market a seller must be smart and spend money where they know they will get a return. Professional painting is an affordable and a sure way to get a better sale price on your property.

After 40 years in the industry we have seen enough DIY disasters to allow us to tell sellers not to attempt the painting project themselves. Selling a house is one of the most stressful experiences of peoples lives. Attempting to paint a property prior to a sale can often push people over the edge.

Another benefit a seller gets when painting just prior to selling is that often we are painting once the furniture is removed. Painting a property bare of furnishings reduces the price of painting an interior, because it allows our painters to have uninterrupted access and therefore they are able to complete the job more quickly.

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Our Pre-Sale Painting Process

  • Idea & Budget

    Idea & Budget

    Customers should have some sort of idea and budget in mind. Painting homes might not just be about painting but it’s about setting a mood or refreshing a look. Maybe they need help with colour consultations, designs etc. Use the area on the right to list out how Rochele can help.

    We’ll come to your house to have a chat about exactly what you’re after and our interior design experts can help you to select the best colours and finishes for your home.

    We provide a complete service:

    • Colour consultations
    • Interior design
    • Furniture placement
  • Quote & Approval

    Quote & Approval

    Our team of experts are here to make painting the inside of your home easy! Our estimators can come out to you or it can be a virtual meeting etc.

    You will receive your quote the day of quoting and if you wish to accept it is all done electronically where you can sign off and state your preferred start date.

    Get A Free Quote

    We help you to:

    • Identify areas you may of missed at time of quoting
    • Identify any complimentary trades that you may need prior to painting
    • Make an informed decision with a thorough and competitive quote.
  • Scheduling & Planning

    Scheduling & Planning

    We know you’re busy. It’s of utmost importance to us to set firm appointments and stick to our scheduling so you don’t have your valuable time wasted.

    70 words describing this process.

    Our process:

    • Complete thorough and proper painting preparation for the highest quality finish
    • Use your choice of paint from any of the major brands
    • Offer touch-up and one-coat options to reduce the time and expense where possible
    • Coordinate all aspects and tradespeople involved in your property pre-sale makeover
  • Service Delivery

    Service Delivery

    We treat your house like the home it is, not a work site. We Take all reasonable precautions to prevent damage to your floors, curtains and other fixtures

    Supervised work. A QBCC licensed supervisor oversees all work for quality control.

    Fast and efficient turnaround by our qualified tradespeople that don’t cut corners

    We offer:

    • Protection for your home, furniture and belongings. We take good care of keeping your home clean and tidy. You can go on with your daily activities, while knowing that your furniture and belongings are protected from any damage.
    • Expert surface preparation. Proper preparation is most commonly overlooked step when it comes to interior painting but it’s VITAL to achieve the superior finish you’re after. We won’t take short cuts and know how to achieve an excellent and long-lasting finish in the harsh Queensland climate.
    • Plaster and patch up any holes. Our team of plasterers work seamlessly with our painters to ensure a smooth finish.
  • Completion


    Our priority is in making sure that you’re happy. So, once we’ve finished your pre-sale paint and clean-up, we’ll conduct a thorough quality inspection. Once our QBCC qualified supervisor is satisfied with the standard of work, you’ll then be given time to look over our work yourself. It’s only after all your expectations have been met that we’ll sign the project as complete.

    We’ll also provide:

    • Prompt clean up and rubbish removal at the end of the job.
    • Although you’re selling the property, the paint and our workmanship will still be covered by our warranty. This includes 2-year cover of most painted surfaces. The exception is in the case of roofs, handrails and floors which are covered for 1 year.

Watch This House Getting Ready For Sale

  • It is a fact that painting a house or unit prior to it going on the market maximises the sale price for the seller and agent.

    Rochele is one of the few companies that specialises in transforming a property prior to sale.

    Rochele Painting
    Pre-Sale Painters

Your pre-sale painting questions, answered

  • What colour should I paint my house to sell?

    We recommend using our colour consulting service to help you choose the best colour for a pre-sale paint job

  • How much value can painting your house add?

    There is no doubt a paint job adds value to your house. Each property is so invidividual but a paint job can make your home look like new

  • What colour front door sells a house?

    It is always fun painting your front door as it is the first impression to your home and can be fun adding a pop of colour. We recommend using our colour consulting service to help you choose your front door colour as they will know what will suit your property best

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