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General Info

  • Does painting the interior house add value?

    Of course! Paint is considered a protective coating as well as asthetic so when your interior is freshly painted it brings it back to new

  • Can I get a colour consultation for interior house painting?


  • Will I need a consultation?

    To have your commercial property painted you will need to have one of our experienced estimators come to your property to provide a quote. They can consult you on the exact areas that they think should be painted as well as be guided by you on what you are wanting to achieve from your paint job

  • How powerful is a pressure wash?

    Water is pressurised to different levels so it can be very powerfull and can damage surfaces if not done correctly

  • What’s the diference between power washing and pressure washing

    Power washing is heated where as pressure washing is not heated

  • What is the difference between interior design and interior decorating?

    Interior design is specifically for layout and design of an interior where as decorating is to do with styling a property

  • How often should the interior of a house be painted?

    We say approximately ever 5-6 years however, some interiors get more use than others so use your discretion. It is best to stay on top of the painting rather than wait until the paint is worse for wear.

  • Why do I need a colour consultation?

    Sometimes it is hard to visualise what a colour would look like once painted on your property. A colour consultant is a professional in their field and they know what would suit your style of property

  • What are the different types of plastering?

    There are two types of plastering – drywall and plasterboard

  • Do you offer obligation free quotes?

    Yes we offer free quotes that are also obligation free.

  • Do you offer a colour consultation?

    Yes we offer colour consulting on all our painting projects. Learn more about our colour consulting services

  • Do you offer virtual quoting?

    We do. Sometimes we can’t get access to a property or it’s in between owners. We just need plans, measurements and photos if possible to ensure an accurate quotation. Onsite quoting is our preferred method

Painting Service

  • How safe is abseil painting?

    Our project teams follow best practices and deliver quality workmanship. From the start of the project, we make sure that we take care of all permits and licensing as well as providing access such as abseil, scaffolding EWP (elevated work platforms)

  • How many coats of paint do you use for interior walls?

    We use a two coat system

  • Can I get a consultation for interior decorating?

    Yes. Our sister company Rochele Decorating offers this service

  • How long does colour consultation take?

    A colour consult takes approximately 30 minutes but depends on the size of your project and the scope

  • What is the best time of the year to power wash a house?

    Anytime of the year is great for having your home power washed we just suggest doing it every 12 months

  • What is the difference between commercial and industrial painting?

    Commercial painting refers to properties such as offices, retail spaces or education facilities. Industrial painting is referred to as warehouses or production facilities.

  • What does a colour consultant do?

    A colour consultant takes the stress out of your colour selection. You might have a colour scheme in mind and our colour consultants will have the expertise to advise you if they believe that colour will suit your property and also provide you with alternatives if you are unsure.

  • Does painting a roof white save energy?

    Yes as it keeps the surface very cool which would reduce heat

  • Can you drink rainwater from a painted roof?

    If the correct paint is used and the proper procedures adhered to yes it can be safe

  • Can you paint around solar panels?

    Yes absolutely

  • How many coats of paint will I need for exterior house painting?

    We use a two coat system. This can vary depending on the colours or preparation involved.

  • Do you offer colour consulting for exterior house painting?

    Yes! We offer colour consulting for all our projects

DIYs & Tips

  • Can you power wash windows?

    It is not recommended as it can shatter the glass

  • What is my interior decorating style?

    This is something so individual to each person. An interior decorator could help you achieve a desired style or help you to recognise what style you like best

  • Which floor materials do you repaint?

    We paint most floor materials excluding tiles

  • How often should you recoat hardwood floors?

    There is no hard and fast rule for this. We say it is best to do it at a time that suits you i.e. before moving into a property

  • Is it better to spray or brush exterior paint?
  • What tips for DIY projects are there?

    All we can say is Good Luck! But all jokes aside check out our How To guides

Project Timeline

  • How long will a commercial painting job take?

    This all comes down to the size of the project and the scope of works. Simply ask your estimator at time of quoting and he will be able to give you an approximate timeframe

  • How soon can you start the colour consultation?

    As soon as we have your signed approval to proceed with your quote, your colours and your deposit (for jobs over $3,300) then we are ready to start. Having said that we do have busy periods but our usual wait time is 1-2 weeks. It is best to book in as soon as you can.

  • How long will a exterior house painting job take?

    Every house is a different size and therefore each timeframe will be unique to the property. It could be anywhere from 1-4 weeks. Simply ask your estimator at the time of quoting and he would have a more precise timeframe for you

  • How soon can you start?

    We can typically work in with your preferred start times but generally it is around a week

Pricing & Payment

  • What kind of painting jobs does the minimum spend cover?

    Rochele has a minimum charge of $3000 + GST for each painting project.

    Some examples of a job around this price range include:

    • 1 – 2 bedroom unit,
    • 25 doors and frames,
    • 80 metres of timber fence,
    • 50 Metres of balustrade,
    • A lounge and dinning room with VJ walls (tongue and groove),
    • Walls to 8 offices, or
    • 3- 4 bedrooms in a standard house
  • How much does it cost per square foot to paint a commercial building?

    We don’t provide prices like these. Our estimators not only take into account measurements but also the state of the substrate and preparation involved is individual for each project

  • How do you estimate interior painting for a commercial job?

    Our estimator does a site visit where measurements are taken

  • Can you claim painting on a rental property?

    Yes you can claim any improvement made to your rental property

  • How do you estimate a commercial job?

    To estimate a commercial job one of our estimators would need to do a site visit to take measurements and view the property

  • How much does a colour consultation cost?

    A colour consult is free of charge with any painting project over $5,500. Alternatively an interior consult is $265 + GST, Exterior $320 + GST or a combined interior and exterior is $460 + GST

  • How much does painting a house cost?

    The cost of painting a house varies based on the size and number of items that need to be painted. Please refer to our pricing page to view our cost estimator or download our price guide.

  • What is the average cost for interior house painting?

    Guide: Tie costs into interior paint jobs. A lick of paint can help transform the appearance of people’s homes and could increase the value. Are people wanting a interior paint to prep to sell or refresh the look of their home/ business?

    Introduce how much it will cost approximately to paint the interior of a house/ business property. How do Rochele estimators price up? How many paint coats? Size of the area that needs to be painted, and name factors that affect the price (height of ceilings → scaffolding, the colour of paint, paint brand, number of doors or windows, decorative items etc)

  • Do you offer payment plans?

    For Body Corporates
    Yes, these can be tailor-made to suit your sinking fund needs.

    For Commercial Properties
    Because we understand that your space needs a painting solution that fits within your budget, we offer a range of flexible payment plans. These can be tailored to your current financial situation to allow the work to be done now and then paid for over the next 6 months to 10 years.

  • What are your payment options?

    We take most payment options such as eftpos, credit card, bank transfer or cheque.

  • Do I have to pay the project upfront?

    No. If your project is below contract price of $3,300 then you will be invoiced on completion. If it is over contract price of $3,300 you will be invoiced for a 10% deposit and then progress payments with a final on completion.


  • How do I make a Warranty Claim?

    Simply email

    Please include any photos and as much information on the painting project as you can. Our manager will review and get in touch with you to discuss or inspect the project.

  • What is the QBCC Home Warranty Scheme?

    As of Friday the 28th of October, our industry governing body, the QBCC reformed the Queensland Home Warranty Scheme legislature to include painting projects.

    The Queensland Home Warranty Scheme is a compulsory insurance premium paid by all residential customer and body corporate customers (who live in complexes no more than 3 stories tall). The premiums are collected by painting contractors and paid on top of the quoted price of the painting project.

    The premium schedule is calculated on a sliding scale on all projects $3,300 or more.

    The premium on a project worth $3,300 (inc GST) = 186.05

    The premium on a project worth $10,000 (inc GST) = $228.45

    The premium on a project worth 20,000 = $291.70

    The full schedule can be found HERE for all Category 2 (non-structural) projects.

    For more information please head to the QBCC website, and if you have any questions as to whether this new scheme will affect your project please contact our head office on 1300 808 164 or

  • How long is your workmanship warranty?

    2 years