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Brisbane, Ipswich, Capalaba & Redland Bays Residential & Business Painting

Exterior painting in Brisbane means more than just a coat of paint. Due to our subtropical climate, summer storms and extreme heat, a paint job in Brisbane has a lot more to do with being protective rather than decorative. Applying exterior paint is only one-thousandth of an inch thick. This means for it to serve as protection to our harsh climate, it needs to be applied properly. We ensure long-lasting and quality work with our professional and experienced team of painting experts.

Brisbane’s architecture lends itself to the grand Queenslander homes, which are elevated to capture the breeze to cool us down on those long hot summer days. Our city is structured by high-rise buildings and our external coatings are exposed to extreme elements. The external paint job of a property in Brisbane demands it to be of a protective nature. Should a property fail to be protected in this way then its structural integrity is likely to be compromised over time due to nature’s harsh elements.

With over 45 years of experience painting in Greater Brisbane, Brisbane City and surrounding areas, we know what needs to be done to achieve an exterior painting job that will last and protect your assets.

Gold Coast House & Commercial Painting

The Gold Coast is known for its high-rise buildings, relaxed atmosphere, sea breezes and luxurious accommodation. Situated in Queensland, the Gold Coast is exposed to the subtropical climate that the region has to offer. Paint coatings are essential to the longevity of a building as it serves as a protective coating. As the summer storms strike each afternoon bringing heavy rain, strong winds and hail, a QLD property’s exterior is likely to weather faster and harder than one in most other locations.

We have been painting in the subtropical Queensland climate for over 45 years. We know what preparation and quality products need to be applied to ensure the longevity of the paintwork and the satisfaction of our clients. In particular, on the Gold Coast, the salt air helps to erode exterior coatings and provides are harsh environment to all external elements. If these exterior coatings aren’t applied properly or fail to be maintained, then a property’s facade will deteriorate much quicker than one that isn’t open to these elements.

Our team of professional painters are equipped and experienced in painting in the Gold Coast environment. They can assure your paint job is prepared and applied to our professional standards to ensure ultimate longevity.

Sunshine Coast Home & Retail Painting

The Sunshine Coast is renowned for its beautiful beaches, rural hinterland and amazing weather. Located in South East Queensland, the Sunshine Coast is home to many incredible waterways, boutique shops, sand dunes and national parks. The biggest drawcard for the Sunshine Coast is of course its weather which lends itself to beach days all year round. Our Sunshine Coast Painters have been lucky to service the area for over 45 years.  Our painters are experienced in the elements that the Sunshine Coast is exposed to, and the harsh climate it faces being in the subtropics of South East Queensland.

The salt air, summer storms and sandy winds help the exterior coatings of buildings in the Sunshine Coast deteriorate much quicker than other locations. To achieve any sort of longevity, the exterior paint job of properties on the Sunshine Coast need to be completed properly. This is largely due to the exterior elements being much harsher, particularly when contrasted with other areas. Our Sunshine Coast professional painters are highly equipped, experienced and knowledgeable. Our team is known for applying paintwork that will last.