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What makes our painters so special is that they truly care about what they do. They’re passionate about the job. They’re passionate about transforming a house or a commercial property. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a house that’s needing a paint job and making it look like new and being part of that whole process.

Many of the painters have worked with us for many years. It’s a rewarding job and the painters that work for Rochele are really part of the Rochele family. It’s important to find a house painter or a commercial painter you can trust. Rochele offers a crew of painting experts, hand-selected via a thorough vetting process, who can begin your job quickly. All our painters follow our core values to ensure that your home or business get the best treatment and care.

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“Our aim is to be the leaders in painting services. Providing value that you can trust.”

Why we’re the first choice in painters

We are professional, prompt, highly skilled and experienced in what we do. We have been doing this for over 45 years so we have people’s trust as we have proven year after year that we are reliable and provide quality workmanship.

  • Honest Advice

    We pride ourselves on being trustworthy and reliable so this means we need to provide honest advice. We will tell you in our professional opinion what we honestly believe is best for your property.

  • QBCC Licenced Supervisor

    All our jobs are overseen by our experienced QBCC licenced supervisors. They will project manage your project to ensure quality and efficiency.

  • Qualified & Insured Tradesmen

    All our trades people are qualified, insured and highly skilled. We ensure all our workers are kept up to date with training so they remain the leaders in the industry.

  • Safety For Customers & Employees

    Safety is paramount to our every day operations. We have safety inductions and regular safety meetings to ensure our staff and customers are safe at all times.

  • Premium Brands Of Choice

    We only use the premium lines from the premium brands including Dulux, Taubmans, Solver, Wattyl and Resene.

  • Warranty

    We offer a 2 year workmanship warranty.

  • QBCC Licensed Supervisors
  • Qualified & Insured Tradesman
    Qualified &
  • Over 40 Years Experience
    Over 40
  • After Hours Options
  • Free No-obligation Quotes
  • Premium Brands of Choice
    of Choice

Latest Technology For
Our Customers: R.O.C.O.

Meet R.O.C.O. also known as Rochele Online Customer Offering

Our technology keeps our customers up to date. Rochele has invested time and energy into creating the best technology that allows us to do our jobs. Using custom technology allows customers to book quote appointments directly from our website. It includes appointment reminders and helpful information for our Rochele Estimators. This technology allows our estimators to quote remotely and real-time, through programs such as FaceTime, ZOOM and Microsoft Teams.

We are always keeping up with technology to be able to deliver on our motto: Delivering Prompt & Professional Painting Services by using the latest and state-of-the-art technology in our industry. The R.O.C.O. technology helps us paint in a way that’s beneficial to everyone.

  • Online Bookings

    We take online quote requests through our R.O.C.O system. This enables you to book a quote directly through our website for the day and time that suits you best.

  • Inspections

    Once you have accepted our quote and your job commences, R.O.C.O allows you to book inspections with your designated QBCC licenced supervisor.

    This enables us to adjust things promptly and accordingly.

  • Project Timeline

    Once the job is accepted, clients get access to a real-time timeline. It displays milestones, site visits, inspections, progress photos and invoices for our clients to be able to track their job.

    You will have a clear project timeline that you can access whenever you like to see the progress of your job. The timeline will feature progress pictures and comments from your supervisor.

  • Feedback Portal

    We pride ourselves on our positive feedback and satisfied customers. Clients can leave feedback, so we can gauge how the job is going.

    R.O.C.O allows you to share your experience with us to help us better improve our performance.

Our Dedicated Team

Rochele Painting is much more than just painting. Our Office Team is made up of industry professionals, ready to work with you on your next painting project. Meet the people at our office.

  • Patrick

    Project Manager

  • Ali


  • Alastair

    Senior Project Manager

  • David

    Business Manager

  • Jeremy


  • Kate

    Colour Consulting

  • Luke


  • Samuel


  • Stephen

    Senior Estimator

  • Karen

    Customer Service

  • Nicky

    Administration Manager & Safety Officer

  • Neil


  • Sofia


  • Sarah

    Marketing Assistant

  • Charlotte

    Customer Service

  • Shaun

    Project Manager

Our Community

Rochele Painting forms charity partnerships that deliver shared community value. A partnership with Rochele Painting reaches all corners of the community and positions business alongside Queensland’s premier painting company.