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Celebrating Women In Trade:
Women In Painting

At Rochele, we are proud to celebrate women in trade. Naturally, with our own professional focus, we are especially passionate about supporting women in painting. Residential and Commercial Painting has traditionally been a male-dominated industry but has evolved as more women choose painting as a career.

We fully embrace and welcome the skill and fresh perspectives that this demographic brings to the industry.

  • Our First Women In Painting Breakfast

    Our team at Rochele recently held a Women In Painting Breakfast. It was organised to welcome our female painters into our headquarters and have a chat. Afterwards, the feedback was so great that we are now looking at hosting this type of event quarterly and opening it up to the wider industry. It is also something that we would like to host in a variety of spaces.

    We recognise that this was a nice way to host more female-focused events. It’s a great way to show appreciation for the fact that women in painting (and women in skilled trades) is a growing norm.

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  • Rochele and AWIC (Awesome Women In Construction)

    Rochele is also a member of Awesome Women In Construction (AWIC). The association is industry-focused and celebrates women in the construction industry with trade events that are female-centric.

    We think as our female workforce grows, it is important to support these types of professional organisations, groups and networks.


  • Our Approach to Gender Equality in the Workplace

    At the moment, we have one female apprentice who is enjoying her work and learning a lot. We only really have the capacity at this point to take on one apprentice at a time, but it is definitely something we are committed to continuing. One of our founders is a female and so is one of our current directors.

    We recognise that women have always been a part of the painting industry and we think that should be celebrated. As a company, Rochele we will continue to work towards gender equality in the workplace as well as make connections to support related causes in the community.