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Together With Orange Sky, We
Work to Uplift And Support
Our Community
Together With Orange Sky, We Work to Uplift And Support Our Community

Rochele Painting commits to charity partnerships that deliver value and make a real difference in the community. As Queensland’s premier painting company, we extend our resources, network and funds, allowing charities to fulfil their mission and reach all corners of the community.

Our company has partnered with Orange Sky, providing them with a unique sponsorship package tailored to their unique business needs.

Creating Safe, Clean & Positive
Environments for Those in Need.

Orange Sky is a registered charity supporting remote Australian communities by improving access to laundry and shower facilities while also creating a safe space for conversation. All donations received go towards clean clothes, warm showers and positive interactions with those who are too often ignored, neglected or disconnected from the rest of the community. Their volunteers are not social workers but rather empathetic listeners and conversationalists eager to make a positive difference.

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Over the last 12 months across Australia and New Zealand, Orange Sky has:

  • Supported more than 13,700 people.
  • Done 35,159 loads of laundry.
  • Provided 6,360 showers.
  • Shared 67,658 hours of genuine conversation.

Orange Sky

Rochele’s Commitment to Orange Sky

Rochele Painting aims to help organisations that improve the quality of life for those in need and build community spirit. Our Painting with Purpose team has carefully selected Orange Sky to help fund their valuable purpose of doing just that.

We have pledged $20,000 of free painting services to support their incredible cause and provide continued support wherever possible. With the help of our grant, Orange Sky can continue to make an extraordinary impact on the lives of those who are homeless or need a helping hand.

How does Orange Sky work?

  • They receive income from donations, corporate sponsorships, private donors, grants, commercial contracts and merchandise.
  • All vans have onboard water tanks and generators, which means they can operate anywhere in Australia without needing access to power or water.
  • A specialist organisation supplies all washing detergent Australia-wide.
  • Each van has set operation locations and times and partners with local service providers to prioritise areas most in need.

In September 2022, the Rochele Painting team took on the Sudsy Challenge, wearing the same clothes for three days to raise awareness and funds for our fellow Australians doing it tough.


Help by Donation

Profits Made From Every Project Go Towards Funding Our Partnership With Orange Sky.

Orange Sky