Professional House Washing Services

Rochele has professional house washers to undertake exterior home washing jobs of any size. Washing is an important part of our preparation prior to painting, but it is also a very important part of ongoing maintenance.

A paint manufacturer’s warranty is typically dependent on the newly painted surface being washed annually. House washing is not an expensive service, and is in fact very affordable if done annually as recommended. Not only will the properties paint coatings last substantially longer, but the house will look great.

Our house washers are professionals that understand the importance taking time and care when washing your house. We have the tools and expertise to give your property a clean fresh appearance it deserves.

  • Removal of dirt, grime and mould from weatherboards, brick and concrete render
  • The use of specialty washing equipment for a professional result
  • Low or high pressure cleaning dependent on surface requirements
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Why Choose Rochele

  • QBCC Licensed Supervisors
  • Qualified & Insured Tradesman
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  • Over 40 Years Experience
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House Washing Prior To Exterior Painting

Most homeowners don’t have the time, patience or the right equipment to give their house a thorough wash.  Our house washers are here to help. We wash houses of any size, from large and luxurious to modest one bedroom homes. Our professional house washers will save you the trouble with various exterior house cleaning services. Boost your home’s street appeal by pampering your home with a proper exterior wash.

You could also go for a full exterior house painting make-over by opting for our exterior house painting service. Giving your home a few layers of fresh paint will give it that extra facelift and will make your property look afresh and brand new again.

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Power Washing, Gutter & Roof Cleaning

There are a few things that always need to be done prior to a paint job and we can help you identify these. Not only can we identify these areas but we can also assist you with booking in these other services.  We provide such services as power washing, roof and gutter cleaning. Our house washing service is a great way to ensure your property is prepared correctly before our professional painting team arrives.

House washing isn’t just necessary prior to a paint job but it is also required to be done every 12 months to ensure your painting warranty is valid. It will not only validate your warranty but also ensure the longevity of your paint work. The process of washing enables all the additives that are hanging onto the paint be cleaned off to ensure the paint has the best chance to shine.

House Washing, Power Washing & Cleaning Processes

  • Quote & Approval

    Quote & Approval

    Our team of experts are here to make fixing your home easy! Our estimators will come to your property to provide a free no obligation quote.

    You will receive your quote at the time of quoting and if you are happy to proceed it can all be done via our online system.

    Get A Free Quote

    We help you to:

    • Identify any additional areas that you require e.g. other trades such as house washing, plastering or rendering

  • Scheduling & Planning

    Scheduling & Planning

    We know you’re busy. It’s of utmost importance to us to set firm appointments and stick to our scheduling so you don’t have your valuable time wasted.

    Simply let us know your preferred start and/or finish time and we will do our best to accommodate your requests.

    We provide:

    • Quick turnaround times for small and large jobs
  • Service Delivery

    Service Delivery

    We treat your house like the home it is, not a work site – We realise while your house is getting painted you also need to get ready for work, look after your kids and have dinner on the table so we’ll work with you to keep your home clean, tidy and functional during its makeover.

    Supervised work. A QBCC licensed supervisor oversees all work for quality control.

    We offer:

    • Protection for your home, furniture and belongings. We take good care of keeping your home clean and tidy. You can go on with your daily activities, while knowing that your furniture and belongings are protected from any damage.
  • Completion


    The job isn’t finished as soon as the last coat of paint goes on the wall! Once our team of painters are done we’ll complete a quality inspection and make any necessary touch ups. We’ll then walk you through your freshly painted home and check you’re 100% satisfied before signing the job off.

    We’ll also provide:

    • A clearly labelled, small containers of matching paint. So you know which paint colour you need to purchase if you need it again.
    • Prompt clean up and rubbish removal at the end of the job.

What Homeowners Say

  • The result was fantastic, it is better than what we expected. All the neighbours have been commenting on it.

    The tradesman were really prompt, friendly and reliable. We love them so much we plan to get them back to paint our internals in a couple of months time.

    Norman Park, QLD 4170

Your washing questions, answered

  • What is the best time of the year to power wash a house?

    Anytime of the year is great for having your home power washed we just suggest doing it every 12 months

  • What’s the diference between power washing and pressure washing

    Power washing is heated where as pressure washing is not heated

  • Can you power wash windows?

    It is not recommended as it can shatter the glass

  • How powerful is a pressure wash?

    Water is pressurised to different levels so it can be very powerfull and can damage surfaces if not done correctly

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