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Salacia Waters is situated in Paradise Point and is a large body corporate complex. We completed a full exterior repaint of the body corporate over a 12 week period. Given the expense of a project this size the body corporate chose to go on a maintenance plan which allows them to spread the cost of the project over a few years and ensures the project is well maintained over those years.


Project Description

Taking just over three months to complete this large body corporate exterior repaint was a rewarding project to complete. The body corporate chose to use our colour consulting service through Rochele Decorating. This provided them with a clear colour schedule for our commercial painting team to follow and one that the entire body corporate was happy with.

In regards to accessing the property we used a mix of boom and abseil. With buildings on the water over decks we had limited access so this was the best choice. With the use of these types of access it also meant that no full time scaffold was erected creating minimal impact to the everyday lives of the residences.

Given the expense a project like this involves the body corporate opted to go on a maintenance plan. This involves part payment on completion of the project and the rest of the cost spread across a few years. We are able to tailor any maintenance plan to suit your body corporate’s sinking fund requirements to ensure any maintenance doesn’t get left behind due to limited funds.

We use drone images to show the large scale scope of the project as a birds eye view usually puts it all into perspective. Salacia Waters is definitely a project we are proud of given the size and scope of what was involved. The project was completed and delivered successfully with both happy painters and clients.


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