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Commercial Properties


Commercial Properties

Rochele Painting proudly worked with ClubLime to enhance their fitness centers across South East Queensland. Our expertise in managing large-scale, fast-paced painting projects makes us the go-to choice for companies seeking to rebrand or revitalize their multiple locations swiftly and efficiently.


Project Description

As a part of our commitment to efficiency, we provided quotes for seven locations—including Ipswich, Aspley, Mooloolaba, West End, Victoria Point, Cleveland, and Deagon—within just a few days. These sites were completely painted over the course of just three weeks, showcasing our commitment to prompt, quality service that consistently surpasses customer expectations.

It’s important to highlight that all ClubLime gyms remained fully operational during the painting process, ensuring no interruption to their services.

Furthermore, the introduction of a bold new colour as part of ClubLime’s rebranding brought dramatic transformations to these venues, demonstrating the significant impact of strategic colour choice in enhancing a property’s appeal.

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