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Located in the inner city Brisbane suburb of South Bank just two kilometres from the city centre and directly opposite South Bank Parklands , Sommerville House is an independent day and boarding school for girls. Established in 1899, the school is rich in history and architectural elegances reminiscent of this era.


Project Description

Our client on this job was the Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association (PMSA). The PMSA is related to numerous schools across Brisbane including; Brisbane Boys College, Clayfield College and Sunshine Coast Grammar School, so we understood this job had to be faultless.

Somerville House provides classes from Preparatory to Year 12, within three sub-schools across the campus — Junior (Years Prep to 6), Middle (Years 7 to 9), and Senior (Years 10 to 12). The School provides excellent opportunities for students to participate in an extensive academic, sporting and cultural program, as well as setting high standards in personal care and attention to individuals within the school community.

Over the years we’ve provided the school with quotes for different exterior and interior areas. One portion of work completed saw us painting the beautiful and ornate ceilings throughout the main building. Like on all of our many successful jobs we teamed up with a colour consultant from Rochele Decorating to give the client a colour scheme options. The options given were a simple and natural light choose or an option of out of the box. The client chose the out of the box option which resulted in the beautifully contrasted look of creamy white decorative molding against a darer grey. It was a brave choice by the school but the result is a breathtaking display of class which compliments the high ceilings, stained glass elements and dark wooden features.

School painting is a necessary part of the upkeep of a school. An amazing paint job will not go unnoticed by prospective parents and students as they tour a campus. Like any home, the look and feel of a school is an extension of the school itself, you want it to say the right things. Ongoing maintenance of schools throughout Southeast Queensland is a strong part of our business that we pride ourselves on. We are able to arrange maintenance plans to see that maintenance issues are periodically seen to.