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Sometimes a birds-eye view is the only way to see the true scale of our larger painting projects. Rochele Painting has been painting unit complexes and townhouses for over 45 years. But very rarely do we get to see the project as a whole, especially when it is spread out like this gated community. By bringing in drone technology we can now not only use this to help at the quoting phase but also to admire the finished product.



Project Description

This body corporate painting in Jindalee was an enjoyable project for our company to work on and is a great testament to how well a project can run. For a project like this there are many different stakeholders involved; from the owners, tenants, the body corporate committee and the body corporate managers, each with different requirements and expectations. We were able to facilitate and execute the work with minimal disruptions and all key players would say would say that the process worked well. Everyone was obliging and helped make this job run smoothly

When working in a gated community spread across a sprawling complex each with access restraints, coordination and communication is key. We are highly experienced in these types of access hurdles so it was no trouble to us at all. Painting these larger sized projects is not the challenge but instead, it is successfully dealing with the numerous residents that these properties house. There may be anywhere from a handful to hundreds of residents to liaise with on a daily basis. Our specialty is understanding that a project like this is not commercial painting in Jindalee but rather a high volume of residential painting, we respect that these are people’s homes.

With any successful job it is a collaborative effort. For this body corporate painting in Jindalee we worked closely with the highly talented colour consultants from Rochele Decorating. Over the course of a few meetings with the colour consultant the committee were given a sample of colour scheme options to take to a vote. The consultant listened closely to committee’s hopes and expectations for the final result and was able to produce the suggested schemes accordingly. The individual owners has the option of which scheme they wanted their property painted but the colours chosen helped make the gated community blend really well and each individual property got to have its own individual touches.

Technology helped play a part in the efficient running. The team were able to initially capture the scope during the quoting stage using a drone. Drones assists us on jobs to not only see the size but also to assess the hard to see areas of a roof and what repairs might be needed prior to painted. The overhead, birds-eye view shows you just how many properties and residents we can deal with in one particular job.

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